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Web Site Development

Web design is only one step in the whole complex process of web site development. Business analysis, programming, databases management, content creation, search engine promotion, and website monitoring turn something what is usually called a personal homepage into a serious corporate web site, which proudly represents your business on the Internet.

Nowadays web development demands so much specific knowledge that few people can be good web designers and good web developers at the same time. We do not require our employees be all-web specialists. At Dana Consulting we split web site development process into several subprojects, each led by the best professional in his sphere. Thus professional web-designers do web design, web programmers work on web site programming, and a skilled SEO specialist does SEO. Working in collaboration, our long-experienced web site development team performs smoothly and efficiently, saving your time and money.

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Web Application Development

Web applications became extra popular due to one simple factor: they do not require any special client-sided software but for a web browser, which is installed on most computer systems in the world. Flexible and universal, web applications are the backbone of any commercial website, be it an e-shop, electronic payment system or help desk solution.

Dana Consulting web application development services include (but not limited to):

  • Design, development and management of web applications
  • Client-side application development
  • Server-side application development
  • Databases within web applications

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