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Turning Offshore Challenges Into Advantages

Challenge: Language and cultural barriers.

Solution: Dana Consulting has experienced project managers locally that can provide an effective solution to your technical needs, and then communicate those guidelines to our offshore development team. Also, the majority of our offshore development staff has an excellent command of the English language.

Challenge: Time difference.

We have turned the time difference into an advantage, by building your project in a twenty-four hour development cycle. For example, while offshore resources concentrate on development, your company can test the build the next morning and create new information and documentation to be sent to the offshore team later that day. Our hours are constructed so that developers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Challenge: Technical communication problems.

Solution: Almost all of our technical professionals have between five and ten years of experience in a wide variety of tools and technologies. We hire only the most experienced and best minds available in the industry.

Challenge: Skill mismatches.

Dana Consulting employs the most qualified consultants overseas and when required, we utilize a large network for recruiting specialists with hard to find technical skills.

Challenge: Quality issues.

Dana Consulting makes sure that everyone understands the quality and technical guidelines associated with the end product. Before shipping, we use local quality assurance personnel to test and approve the product, thus giving our clients 100% confidence that the end product will meet their requirements. Nothing is released until it meets our own demanding standards for quality and excellence.

Challenge: Security problems.

We understand that security is a major concern and take all the precautions to ensure the confidence, security and integrity of the information. All the electronic data being exchanged is encrypted and all communications are relayed through a secure VPN connection. At our offshore offices, Dana Consulting employs 24-hour security personnel.

Challenge: Bad management and organization.

Dana Consulting has been executing offshore development for more than four years. During that time we have worked with Fortune 1000, 500 and smaller businesses, which we believe has given us the ability to assure our clients smooth project flow.

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