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Software Development Outsourcing - Innovative Solutions, Cutting Edge Technologies

No matter what your project entails - whether it's a custom application, a complex IT solution or a redesign of an existing network structure - Dana Consulting can create an outsourcing development structure that will provide you with the value, timeline and the budget you need.

In assessing your project requirements we will work closely with you to forge project specifications and make concrete recommendations concerning the ideal development environment, whether it involves domestic resources, offshore capabilities or a combination of the two.

At Dana Consulting we want to be your outsourcing development company of choice. As such, we want to not only learn your business, but earn it as well. We do that through a total commitment to superior quality and clear communication. The result: An excellent return on your investment and a cutting edge solution that is second to none in the marketplace.

Representative Projects

Some of the successful projects with which Dana Consulting has provided total technical content and project management leadership include:

Web Site Monitoring
Dotcom-MonitorDotcom-Monitor is an advanced External Web Monitoring Service that insures the reputation and profitability of your e-business by bringing together Monitoring, Reporting, Notification, Escalation and Analysis in the combination best suited to your needs. Dotcom-Monitor alerts you immediately about problems with your sites, applications or networks. Since its birth in 1998, Dotcom-Monitor has saved over 2,000 companies' money by insuring maximum web site uptime. DOTCOM-MONITOR service watches your business from outside by simulating the end-user actions. DOTCOM-MONITOR insures that you're open for business around the world, 24 hours a day. Dotcom-Monitor's continues to grow its client base by steadily providing more monitoring features, while maintaining competitive pricing -- up to 50% less than other services.

AcrossCommunicationsAcross Communications is a web-based communications service providing the platform and infrastructure for worldwide interactive messaging. It is now possible to send high volumes of voice or text messages in real-time to a wide variety of personal communications devices almost anywhere in the world using only a computer connected to the Internet. Your use of the Across Communications service can lead to a substantial improvement in your customer service, or become your booking agent or even your best salesperson!

Email2Phone.net - Email to Phone Service
Email2Phone.netEmail2phone.net is an e-mail to telephone, interactive voice-messaging service. It converts e-mail messages sent to your yourname@email2phone.net e-mailbox into high quality human voice messages that are then delivered to a telephone number that you specify. Also, after listening to an Email2Phone.net e-mail message on a telephone, you can also record a reply on the telephone that will then be translated and sent back as an e-mail.

Phone Verification Services by PhoneConfirm
PhoneConfirm PhoneConfirm.com is a cost-effective fraud prevention and identity verification service. It adds security to your business applications and processes by providing another layer of verification to your online transactions with a simple automated phone call.

PhoneConfirm.com works by automatically dialing an online end-user's telephone number at the same time that the end-user is making a transaction on a website. By responding to the website and the phone call prompt with a one-time personal identification number (PIN), an otherwise anonymous online end-user will be able to confirm that the end-user who received the phone call and the end-user who is interacting on the website are the same person.

Representative Web Sites

Web sites that we have developed or updated recently:

Car Wonders is Your #1 shop for all your car needs

The leader in encoded card systems and high-volume production of plastic and laminated identification cards

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