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Benefits of Offshore Software Development:
Some of the benefits that can be derived from outsourcing to Dana Consulting are:

Significant cost savings to our clients, in some cases from 50-80%. As technology rapidly changes, technical skills and expertise become hard to find and more expensive. Allowing you to concentrate on other areas of business rather than spending the dollars and hours recruiting local professionals.
Avoiding expensive new recruitment. We can provide a cost effective temporary or long-term solution - even on short notice. Utilizing personnel that have skill sets and an academic background on a par with our consultants in the United States.
Why Dana Consulting Inc. is the Right Offshore Partner

Dana Consulting stands apart in the marketplace because it can offer you domestic management and project coordination plus an offshore software development team that is a wholly owned subsidiary. We seldom use contractors. All our developers work directly for Dana Consulting, creating a level of accountability and commitment to superior customer service that is almost unparalleled in the industry.

Dana Consulting team:

Is available to meet with you to establish a relationship with our offshore developers making sure that we fully understand your needs and quality requirements. Provides superior design skills with minimal language barriers.
Keeps current with technical resources and technologies and maintains project management skills. Offers you an experienced team that can handle even the most complex and demanding projects
Offers exceptional communication procedures, equipment and facilities.  
Offshore Project Management learn more
Dana Consulting and our offshore teams have put into place procedures to make sure that our clients are continually updated and informed about the progress on their project. We work with our clients to set up optimal paths of communication and establish methods to ensure that the information communicated is not lost.
Important Facts About Offshore Software Development learn more about offshore outsourcing peculiarities

There has been a lot of misinformation about offshore development. For every horror story there are hundred of success stories. At Dana Consulting we have a number of important solutions to avoid any project problems.


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