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Network Solutions and Systems

Our specialization in Windows 9.X, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix and Novell Networks will help your business gain benefits of information environment. We can help you with setting up, supporting and troubleshooting your internal network, provide on-line integration solutions, develop necessary levels of security in the framework and improve the fault-tolerance of your existing network. However complex and demanding your infrastructure is, we provide technical facilities that are easy to use, maintain and upgrade. Its purpose is to assist your company’s information workers.

Our workgroup solutions provide information support that your business needs. We select the most suitable platform to host applications, we stick to common standards to facilitate maintenance and future network development, we provide reliability and security. These actions are aimed at speeding up inner workflow and assisting client management.

The most important issue for company network is stability, it is crucial for business progress and gaining trust among clients. Network stability is achieved through seamless integration of various platforms used inside the company, secure data transfer methods and server software reliability, as well as comprehensive administration of the entire network. To ensure the productivity and stability of your business infrastructure it is essential to work out a network policy that is based on existing platforms and offers secure and reliable information management for the personnel.

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